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Armed with an acoustic guitar and a hope filled array of original songs, seaside songstress Laura Forster has returned with a new E.P., Harvest. 


Based in sunny South Devon, Laura plays music that is both soulful and uplifting. On stage she soars with sultry melodies and laid back grooves. Laura's acoustic shows are warm, friendly and involving affairs that effortlessly envelope you in her world; a world of kooky optimism. 


From Hendrix to Jeff Beck, The Pretenders to Blondie, Laura has been surrounded by a wall of sound from the word go. As the daughter of an impressive lead guitarist, Laura's early memories are of smoky bars and dirty blues riffs. Experimenting with a karaoke machine to make old school cassette tape-to-tape overdubs, Laura starting writing songs way before she understood what half of them meant! 


With many years of solo and band experience as a live and recording artist, Laura's many shows include a live performance on BBC Radio, the trendy Proud Galleries in Camden and perhaps most memorably, entertaining hundreds of early morning festival goers as they queued in the rain for their hot showers at the End of the Road Festival. 


When not strumming out tunes, Laura's passion is community music making, supporting and encouraging families and young people through music. Having spent a number of years running youth music projects on the South Coast, Laura is no a stranger to the worlds of youth events, workshops and festivals. 


With her original songs and unique take on life, Laura is both accessible and ethereal. 

Laid back jazz/funk infused style layered with slinky vocals... The four tracks on Laura's eponymous [My Little Red Dress] EP are a course in how to do subtle and soulful - Daily Echo, Bournemouth
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