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Community Music

Laura is a primarily a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music leader. She has also spent the last 15 years running youth music projects and working as a freelance practitioner leading music workshops for young people, babies, children and their carers.

Laura is one of the directors of We Need Music CIC, aiming to create accessible music making and interactive listening opportunities aimed at connecting people; enabling creativity; and building self esteem and confidence.


Laura has an MA in Youth and Community Work and has worked with organisations including the BBC and the Philharmonia Orchestra. (Laura was the Torbay Coordinator for an award winning digital 'virtual orchestra' project, iOrchestra, for the Philharmonia Orchestra.


In the last few years she has used singing, songwriting, instrumental work and music technology in settings including CAMHS units, pupils referral units, young women's projects, young parent and baby projects, with young people experience poor health and with new families. Laura has two small children and loves making music at home with her own family.  

She runs Lullabubbas offering music groups to parents/carers of babies and young children ( and works as a freelance music leader on projects often funded by Youth Music.


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